24 November 2018

We The Peoples festival judges announce 2018 Best Film awards

The Festival judges chose the following films for awards.

Best Film in Festival
Syria’s disappeared: the case against Assad (Director: Sara Afshar)
Powerful personal stories of three Syrians with evidence gathered from regime
documentation smuggled out of Syria.

Best Film: Human Rights
As Human As I Am (Director: Alice McDowell)
LGBTI activism and education in Nepal, Malawi and Fiji.

Best Film: Human Security
The Truth: Lost at Sea  (Director: Rifat Audeh)
The story of the Freedom Flotilla attacked by the Israeli navy in 2010, featuring footage that was broadcast and more that was smuggled off the ships.

Best Film: Human Development
Are you Volleyball? (Director: Mohammad Bakhshi)
A group of Arab speaking asylum seekers arrive to a country border where they speak English - but they can't move on. Interaction gets tense

Best Film: Environment
The Prophecy – A Warning of Climate Change in Alaska
(Director: Dmitry Trakovsky)

Best Short Film
Strive (Director: Charlie Watts)
A young Somali settled in the UK tells what it is like to grow up as a Muslim
immigrant in a western country. This film was chosen by the audience at the BFI

Young Film Makers Day.