12 November 2016

Festival gives UK premiere to TIDES by 2010 Best Film in Festival winner Alessandro Negrini

Alessandro Negrini whose evocative film Paradiso beat all rivals to win the 2010 Best Film in Festival award returned to watch the UK premiere of his latest film Tides. Properly titled TIDES, a history of lives and dreams lost and found (some broken), Alessandro returns to Derry/Londonderry, the location for Paradiso. The film which has already won awards in Milan, Palermo and Rome, is a celebration of the river Foyle which runs through the city, about its past and newer stories from above and beneath its waters. “The river itself is the narrator. What has it seen, heard, witnessed in its long life, running towards the ocean? What is the Foyle whispering to us today? What could it tell us? What does it know about us? What does it know about our lost and found dreams?” the film maker tantalisingly asks. The film’s trailer can be watched here.